Timber Sales

Most landowners will have an opportunity to sell timber only a few times in their lifetime. Timber sales are very important and need special attention to insure that you maximize your income while meeting your long term management objectives. White Oak Forest Management can manage all phases of the timber sale for you.

Our foresters will lay out potential sale areas that meet your objectives. Accurate maps and sale boundaries will be established. If present, Streamside Management Zones (SMZs) will be identified and marked to protect water quality and comply with SC Best Management Practices (BMP’s). We will inventory your timber to determine the volume and value of a potential sale. Bids will be solicited from eligible buyers to obtain the best market price for your timber. The value of your timber can be essential to setting management objectives, managing income flow from your property, loan security, estate planning, and taxes. Timber appraisals may also be needed for land sales or acquisitions, establishing casualty loss from wildfire or storm damage, or determining values in timber trespass situations. Based on your needs, our trained employees can produce timber cruises and maps of your timber stands.  These will provide accurate volume estimates with current market valuations for your timber.

When the timber is sold we will protect your interest, monitoring the harvesting operations to ensure contract and environmental compliance. 

A FREE Webinar for landowners, sponsored by NC State Extension Forestry, will take place on April 9 at 12:00. Click link for details on how to join.